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This is my most public-facing blog, as in the great unwashed masses would have access to my email address were I to publish it here. Soon I’d be drowning in Spam. Hence, I’m more indirectly available.


The easiest way is if you have a Twitter account.  Find me on there. If you follow me and I follow you (which I might well do if you seem legitimate) then we can communicate directly and privately using the Twitter mechanism for that.

Below is a picture of the two buttons you would see if we follow each other on Twitter.  Don’t click on the ones below; they’re a dead image. Click on the buttons inside of Twitter, on my profile.


Be sure to use the “Send a Direct Message to” button (the rightmost) as opposed to the “Tweet to” button (the leftmost) since the former is private and the second is very much not.

General Comments

If you’re nice and you’d like to comment on an article, please do.  WordPress provides a mechanism that allows you to respond via a comment on any of my articles.

Due to the way WordPress works, I’ll be the only person seeing that comment. If it’s the sort of comment that generally fits the spirit of being made public, and me then responding in turn, I’d change the privacy setting on your comment from “private” to “approved [for publication]” and then the world can read our interaction.

Putting your contact info an a comment

If you’d like me to respond to you, outside of this WordPress blog mechanism, then please offer your email address as part of your comment.  I would, of course, not change the privacy setting on your comment away from “private.”

Even then, you and I have an extra line of defense to make the subsequent email communication authenticated.

Email addresses can easily be spoofed, meaning it’s generally known that someone can easily get a free email address that implies they’re someone else. In that mechanism lies inherent anonymity.  For example, if someone tells me that her email address is then that that doesn’t mean it really IS Buffy writing to me.  Authentication will take care of itself, eventually.

For example, I’d email the person and ask what Buffy is planning to post on her official Buffy social media next, and if it’s a match, then okay, I’m likely to be convinced that I’m exchanging emails with the real Buffy.