A Day with Me, May 10th 2018

How was your day, last Thursday? Would it have been nicer had you spent it with me? Let’s see.

We’d wake up together in an embrace in my large queen sized-bed. You’d have slept well, at peace and happy. Our morning wake-up ritual would include more touching and being close, and then some in-bed exercises (literally) such as stretches.

Then, time to drink water & make coffee & breakfast, and see if there is anything urgently needing your or my attention as announced via text messages or email. If not, it’s time for breakfast. After that, moisturizing and makeup, the latter mostly just eyebrow pencil.

I manage two businesses so you’d have seen me work on making client software for an hour or two. I work from home so the dress code can be whatever I choose (and what you’d prefer would greatly influence that). My computer workstation is a stand-and-work structure and sometimes I wear my stripper 6″ stilettos and stripper dress just because I enjoy feeling extra sassy. This would be a good time for you to work too, but my sofa is right by my workstation so it’d be cool if you sat there. And, touch my legs as often as you like. If you can distract me from work, yay!

Thursday I normally focus on running errands, including personal grooming. Some weeks that includes electrolysis. So you get to keep my company as I endure that. As before, if you choose to sit nearby and distract me with the touch of your skilled fingers, better yet.

I’m fixing up a friend’s 1980 Mercedes-Benz convertible, so next we’d go buy parts, at the dealer. They still remember me from when I had enough money to walk in there and buy two sports models on the same day. Those days are gone, but they might return. Until then, I’m happy even though my cash flow is much more humble. Bonus: the dealership offers complimentary coffee, and it’s good.


Next, we go across the street to the Volvo dealer. I’m restoring a 1972 Volvo 164 that’s like the car that was the family car when I was a little girl … many memories for my mom. So, that’s why the visit to the dealer, to get a replacement key after presenting the title paperwork. Sadly, the car is so old they can’t help. Never mind, we’ll make a plan.

Then, lunchtime: crepes and scrambled eggs at one of my favorite places. The waitress there is maybe old enough to be my mom. She’s always super-nice to me. 20180510_160210

Next, to the salon to get my hair washed and straightened. I like the straight look for me. Maybe while I do that you have a concurrent appointment, not that you need it. You look fine with curly hair. Still, playing with one’s look can be fun. Here’s the salon. My friend co-owns it. She’s wonderfully nice to me. She’ll like you too.

Right down the street is the art museum. Some weeks, I go in. With you along it’d be more likely. 20180510_182053

Them, the drive home, highway 80 with the Truckee river running parallel. Pretty mountains in the late-afternoon light. 20180510_185014

Bright green fields, hereabouts. Pretty. 20180510_185025

Nevada springtime sky makes the drive home prettier: 20180510_185122

Typical type of tree for around here. Pretty: 20180510_185150

The little town where I live focuses on agriculture, so we’d drive pass this sort of view as I did that day: 20180510_191738

Here’s a 2-D statue commemorating the Pony Express, which ran right through this area. 20180510_192125.jpg

… and then home, with whatever fun awaits there.

I have a nocturnal long-term house guest. By sunset that day she was up with her bedroom door open, implying “ready to socialize” so I said “hello” to her and we visited for a while. She likes fast food so typically on the way home, I pick up something that she likes to eat. She’s a very shy cerebral girl too and she spends much of her time behind the computer, playing video games online with her friends. So after the her-and-I chat she probably went back to that, that day, which is how the interaction typically works.

Much of the reason I understand her (and myself) so well is from extracting principles I learned by observing you in interviews and reading what you wrote. You two might get along well. I hope so, otherwise I’d have to get a new place for you and I because I wouldn’t kick her out. She’s sort of like a human stray cat that’s part of my life and whom I’ve grown to love though I actively manage the emotional distance to keep it non-romantic and non-sexual. She jokes about marrying a brilliant mechanic we both know, so that might be where she goes next. Time will tell. Anyway, I want to make sure you’re aware of all that.

I like going on sunset walks. I didn’t go last Thursday but with you here, I’d probably have gone. Late evening, I went to my shop to work on car issues, and you’d have gone along to watch and learn since I’d enjoy teaching you while I work, and I know you enjoy learning.

And then, time for a late-night snack, evening routine and bed. 🙂

* * *

So, how did this compare to your day? Would you have enjoyed spending the day with me? Would you have preferred to be here?


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