A Day with Me, May 9th 2018

How was your day, yesterday (Wednesday)? Would it have been nicer had you spent it with me? Let’s see.

I worked on a detail software design for a client, for an hour or so, until 2 a.m. or so. That’s how I earn my living, mainly. When I do this, I concentrate intensely so I’m not good for conversation. However, I was in the nude, in bed, working on my laptop PC, so you would be welcome to look, touch, kiss etc. as long as you’re not too urgently distracting but then again if you succeeded then how could I complain?

After work, I got ready to sleep but with you there, we might have gone for a walk in the lovely gardens and environs of the Hilton Lake Las Vegas, and Montelago Village, enjoying the warm spring night air, the Nevada desert sky, and each other’s company. If you’re the right girl we’d probably have kissed, and touched … perhaps gone back to our room for purposes other than sleeping.

Them, bedtime. I’m not sure why (literally) sleeping with me tends to be a calming experience for cerebral shy girls but I’ve been told by multiple such girls over multiple decades that, indeed, it is. So if you used to suffer from insomnia, perhaps no more.

I like to set the alarm for 930 or so, to provide half an hour for getting informally ready so as to look at least minimally presentable for breakfast at 10 a.m. With you there, perhaps you’d have been breakfast instead (as a figure of speech). Two girls having fun in the morning, in bed, for long enough to miss breakfast … that’s a good tradition.

Let’s assume we decided breakfast can wait, and we show up an hour late, at 11 a.m. Yes, you can feed yourself pieces of fruit but isn’t it sexier if I do, and your eyes are closed so you don’t know what’s next?

After breakfast I checked my email & social media. With you here there would be a greatly reduced focus on social media, of course. Still, I’d have checked my email and put out a few fires, so to speak. Then, off to the pool I went (or, we’d go).


Holding each other and kissing in the pool or hot tub … mhm.

Then, back to bed for a nap (or with you here, probably something nicer). I requested a late checkout and with you there, more reason yet.

Then, time to pack and leave to drive back home. With you there, probably good and intense conversation on deep concepts, and how we got to be the way we are, as individuals. Also, music. The Audi has a Bose Symphony system with CD changer. It sounds good.

Just before leaving Las Vegas, one last stop by the Centennial area, to enjoy frozen yogurt. Then … northward.

Two hours north of Vegas is Beatty, NV and the Death Valley Nut & Candy company … lovely & fun.  Of course I stopped there and smelled the roses.  With you there, more reason to do so, yet.  And, candy, or nuts, or dried fruit. Yummy.  Also, their bathrooms are clean, and the people are super-nice.


Another 2 hours or so north, to Tonopah, with probably more intense conversation along the way. A stop for fuel and to use the bathroom, then a late-afternoon & evening drive through the Nevada desert, with beautiful and dramatic scenery.

Then, just before sunset, through Hawthorne, NV by Walker Lake and located next to some tall, snow-capped mountains. Probably more conversation, and probably also a stop or two at scenic places along the way, to stand and hold each other, and kiss. I like kissing at sunset. Also, not at sunset.

Probably many pictures, too … of you, of us.

Then, north through the reservation, with lovely pink-and-gray sunset clouds overhead. Then, farther north, past the NAS Fallon bombing range (yes, really) and then into the Lahontan Valley, where Fallon, NV is … home.  Right around then, you’d have heard me make a few phone calls, to deal with selling used auto parts, and making custom software.

Arriving home around 8:30 p.m., we’d unpack the car, and I’d go drop off some dried fruit I’d bought for my mom. Of course you’d go along. My mom makes good coffee. By then it’s around 9 p.m.

Then, to the bank to deposit checks that came in the mail, and to buy food for my long-term house guest who’s a bit of a hermit. Then, more work for an hour or two, for me, while standing by my computer. Perhaps that’s a good time for you to check on things private to you, too. Or, sit right by me and read, or paint, or compose or do other work. See if you can distract me with your skillful fingers touching my legs or butt. Odds are, you can — not a bad thing.

Then, a late-night snack, and we get ready for bed.

* * *

So, how did this compare to your day? Would you have enjoyed spending the day with me? Would you have preferred to be here?





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