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Thank you for accepting public input on the issue of whether or not exotic dancer clubs in New Orleans should be left alone so that their survival depends on market forces, not governmental control.

By conservative standards, all sex work should be illegal — and it doesn’t stop there. Gays, tattoos, unusual hairstyles, piercings, smoking pot, drinking alcohol, bikinis, outspoken women … women who vote … you can roll all social progress back to the Dark Ages, which were dark precisely because conservative standards ruled the day. Why anyone would think that conservative standards are good for mankind in general, and New Orleans in particular, I can’t imagine.

By pseudo-feminist standards, all sex workers are oppressed and should be rescued by making their livelihood illegal. How this makes any sense, and why sex work should be singled out, in spite of the evidence that sex workers choose this work, I also can’t imagine.

By free-market standards, and feminist standards, sex workers, including exotic dancers and the clubs that provide a place to work, are people earning a living with work. If there’s market demand for their services, then I urge you to step aside and leave the people free interact in voluntary trade to mutual enrichment. That’s the basis of market forces in general, and there’s no objective reason for picking out sex work and punishing specifically that industry.

Subjectively, however, there IS indeed much basis for singling out sex workers such as exotic dancers. Sex work offends the sensitivities of many. However, on the basis of “it offends some” you could go shut down most business sectors in the economy, e.g., vegetarians are offended by meat, and some radical Christians are offended by alcohol, some radical environmentalists are offended by automobiles, some radical Islamists are offended by much of what happens in greater New Orleans on a daily basis. Then again, government interference in the economy also offends many, so if you go shut down anything that offends anyone, that includes government. So … that entire train of thought (shut down something if it offends some) reaches a logical inconsistency.

I’ve been to enough city council and county government meetings to conclude that citizen constituency could not even reach a consensus on whether or not to leave the room if the building were on fire. History has shown that pandering to citizen pressure politics to negate others’ livelihood is neither fair nor workable.

I propose that, in this case and every case, government step aside and let the market forces be the determinant of the future of the exotic dancers and clubs.

Thank you for your consideration.

~Tanya Charbury