My Favorite Place in the World

… used to be Hawaii. I used to be SO into windsurfing and surfing.

I kinda still am, but now it’s … LAS VEGAS!!


g2015-06-23 00.55.47

2015-06-23 01.36.45





Former Wild Girl

I’m trying to keep this personal website PG-rated so please don’t ask for R-rated pictures of my wild webcam-model days. Also, I’m taking a break (maybe a permanent one) from being an escort and Dominatrix.

But, for old times’ sake, here’s the dress that made me the most money. Yes, my hair was shorter then.

I still have that dress! I like it so much I bought two, in case something happens to one of them.


Here’s a poolside glamour shot from the summer of2015:

gg2015-07-06 13.30.09

Here are some shots from that summer, taken in my hotel room before I went to the pool:ggIMAG1251





At some point I really tried hard to generate buzz about my sexy modeling. Being paid big bucks to look pretty in pretty clothes, in exotic locations … that would have been fun work. I even had some mouse pads made, with this image on them:


And some official paid-photographer glamour shots:



Yes, I cropped them because the full-size version shows off my butt in a tiny thong; not appropriate here.

And no, NONE of these pictures of me are PhotoShopped. That’s the real me.

With my sexuality more private now, that’s still “the real me” too.

Yes, I love American Cars Too!

So in case you wonder why I focus on European cars: I grew up with them, so they’re my comfort zone and I just stayed there.

But, I LOVE US cars too! My favorite was a Plymouth Barracuda. It was red with standard wheels but it was the same shape as the yellow one in this picture:


Mine didn’t have the V8 engine but it had the 225 slant-six … souped up, including a massive side-draught Weber carburetor with an all-in-one custom manifold that looked like a Jewish candlestick. It was fast — including around corners.

I’ve also owned and liked other Chrysler products, and GM cars, and Fords.

I drive a Ford Econoline E150 van sometimes, with the Mustang EFI 5.0 liter V8 engine and the AOD transmission. Yes, I know everyone hates that transmission — everyone but me. I kinda like it. My first Ford has the classic 3.0 liter Essex V6 in it … fast, and I love how it sounded. That was the first and last car that taught me not to open the radiator cap when the engine is hot. Oweee.

For many years, I have also owned a 1984 AMC Jeep Grand Wagonneer with the 5.9 liter engine. What it lacks in paint, it makes up for in character.